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Hi! My name is Sunny Smith, photographer, and mom of 3 great kids. Here you will find all of me. I will talk about food way too much, and I may be a little too honest. What you see is what you get. This blog contains so much of my life, my heart, and my passions. From artist & entrepreneur to wife & mother. From my struggles to my joyful moments. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and for your support. I am spreading the word on how the simple things in life are the most fulfilling. I hope my passion for artistry & life is conveyed throughout these pages & images. I feel it with every story that I share. - Sunny



My style is to capture your child's personality. I strive to record who your child is, in an honest, beautiful and unique way. I aim to make your portraits a cherished heirloom, something you want to keep forever. Using a documentary style, I will both watch and connect with your child. I want to journal this time in your family's life with photographs, as well as take portraits that can instantly capture the essence of who your child really is. My style is clean and colorful, with a great mix of fun and uniqueness. I will come to you. Your home, your favorite park, a downtown sidewalk or even a birthday party or special event are all part of my studio. By having your family in surroundings that they feel comfortable with, it makes the experience enjoyable, and that will come across in your portraits. As a mother myself, I know that portrait sessions can be stressful. Not anymore. A session with me is never rushed. I offer up to two hours of low-key, quality time to really capture who your child is. You will never have to feel anxious about getting them to smile, because each session is laid back and fun. Your child may need a hug, a snack, or even some silly time to get comfortable in front of the camera. Your newborn may need some cuddles or time to feed. I enjoy this downtime to get to know your family even more, creating a connection that will impact your photographs.